Lulo Reinhardt visit us

Last week, June 9 - 11 - Toni Brajdic of Andona-Guitars welcomed a couple of important visitors in Sisak, and even on the island of Pag, in the Adriatic sea, where Brajdic invited gypsy-guitarist LULO REINHARDT, one of the large musicians-family of the Reinhardt-clan. Lulo Reinhardt heard about Andona guitars from DEMIAN BELL, even already endorser for Andona "Lonia Valley" guitars, while Demain and his band "Blues Mekaniks" played a show in Koblenz, Germany (Lulo´s hometown). - Lulo Reinhardt was very impressed of the "fisheye pickup" system, invented by Toni Brajdic, specially for acoustic guitars, and it was agreed that Andona will start to built a very special "Lulo Reinhardt" model.

After visiting the Andona guitar-workshop and the new built manufacturing-hall in Sisak, Toni and his guest all drove all the way to the Adriatic cost to the island of Pag, to spend two days of vacation and "guitar-brainstorming", too. The same night - they all went to a hotel-bar in Gajac, and played a concert together with the musicians who were hired for the hotel-guest. They all had much fun, and even generated very huge interest for Andona guitars.

On the photos: "Concert night" - from left to right: Steve Hamelink (andona guitar distributor Europe), Anna C.; Demian Bell (andona endorser); Lulo Reinhardt and Mirella, his Australian girlfriend. - "day after" - fromleft to right: Demian Bell, wearing sunglasses; Steve (still under the influence of Slivovice, and not wake up, oh boy ! ) Mirella, and LULO (pretty fresh !!) in the right foreground.

Concert night

Day after


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